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Anny Havland joins as an Advisor

Life.Cafe has a new advisor!
Anny Havland is now Advisor to Life.Cafe!

Bellevue, WA: Anny Havland, an expert in mortgage lending for residential real-estate and a pioneer and advocate for charity and nonprofits is now advisor and expert for Life.Cafe Inc., the Seattle based tech company helping users plan their life events. She will be personally guiding users through related life events such as buying and selling a home, and how to start a charity organization.

Anny is currently the host and executive producer of Talk It Up TV and just wrapped filming in a soon to be released movie where she had a supporting lead role. In 2016 and 2017, she won the “Humanitarian of the Year Award” from Washington Association for Mortgage Professionals for her community work throughout the Seattle area. She also co-founded Neighborhood Mortgage Inc., a highly reputable mortgage broker/banking firm.

Her experience as a motivational leader is seen as a perfect fit as she will be creating tips and videos, helping guide users through their life events such as how to buy and sell a home.

“I love how Life.Cafe focuses on the user experience,” Havland noted, “ and [how it] helps people achieve their life goals.” She will also be advising Life.Cafe in the charity and non-profit sectors, helping connect people to people when they need it most.

Her passion for kindness, charity and helping others is what initially drew her to Life.Cafe and the founding team. “Sometimes connecting the dots isn’t easy, especially when there isn’t a map to go by. This is why I love Life.Cafe’s platform. It can literally guide you step-by-step in areas that you might not have otherwise known where to start”, she stated in a recent interview.

“Anny is such a wonderful role model and go-getter”, said CEO Alexis Williamson of Life.Cafe. “Her career has been full of integrity, and kindness. She is the perfect advisor for our team.”

Life.Cafe: Life.Cafe is a guided, social, planning web platform that connects customers planning a major life event with experts and vendors. Built on a globally scalable software, life.cafe works in any language, anywhere in the world. www.life.cafe

Anny Havland joins as an Advisor
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