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Life.Cafe supports the Olympic Spirit

The mission of Olympic Spirit is "to build a peaceful and better world in the Olympic Spirit which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play - Olympic Spirit strives to inspire and motivate the youth of the world to be the best they can be through educational and entertaining interactive challenges. Olympic Spirit seeks to instill and develop the values and ideals of Olympics in those who visit and to promote tolerance and understanding in these increasingly troubled times in which we live, to make our world a more peaceful place."

My name is Alexis Williamson, CEO and Founder of Life.Cafe, and I trained as an Olympic hopeful as an ice dancer for over 25 years of my life. Alexis_Williamson_Vitaly_Novikov
No matter how talented and hard working you may be, it takes the right team guiding you through the process to become the top 2% of athletes in the world. Only every couple of years does the world focus on this event and only just a few stories are told. The real story of the Olympic Spirit is carried forever within each of the athletes, who every day, rain or shine, persisted to master each step needed for over a quarter of their lives in the hope to become a representative of their country and their sport in the Olympics.

The modern Olympics has become its own international economy and business, complete with politics, lobbying, and behind the scenes navigations to rise to the podium. The skills learned training for the Olympics are life long skills that are fully transferable to what ever their next passion and goals may be in their lives. There are universal traits and skills from taking everything one step at a time, and connecting with the best resources to help you achieve each step towards your next goal.

Experts, education, and personalized guidance is normally expensive and not fully available to everyone. With this in mind, we feel the critical component to success is getting expert-guidance connecting you to the resources that are right to you, when you need it and for free! We believe your personalized action plan should be FREE and available to anyone in the world. So, we found the right team to make this goal come true and built Life.Cafe. Our expert-guided personalize action plans adapt to you and your needs. All you need is to sign up for FREE and we'll walk you thru step-by-step towards your goals.

Once you start working towards your goal you will need resources to complete those steps and be able to pay for them to achieve success. Another expensive reality in today's economy is securing funding via banks, loans, credit cards, scholarships, grants, angel investors or VCs. Each of these has a variety of costs associated and many limitations to access them, whether it's getting approved or competing with others to get the necessary funding. We found another way we can help with a peer funded option to help you achieve your goals when you need it most with 0% interest. Ensuring every cent of your hard working resources are more efficiently contributing to the success of your goal.

My Olympic spirit became integral to form my life's passion to help people all over the world achieve their own greatness by achieving their goals within their lifetime. There is no goal too big or too small. There is no limitation to what you can do in life when you have the right plan of action and resources available for you to succeed. There is only the next step we can take together; to go further than we've ever dreamed possible. Life.Cafe is FREE and available to anyone in the world, empowering the world to come together and take the next step to be the best you can be. Connecting people to people, we are forged from the Olympic Spirit and built for congratulations!

If you are an expert or industry leader who wants to join us in our goal, please reach out to us!

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Life.Cafe supports the Olympic Spirit
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