Female Founders Alliance - Alexis Williamson & Rren Schafer

This last week, Life.Cafe's CEO & CMO joined the FFA and went to our first official event as founders. The #accessmedia event was specifically tailored to introduce founders to the media and editors that we are all trying so hard to reach.

The FFA is one of the best adovacate groups out there. It's about using our network to create deals and change the #2point19 statistic and helping create deals.

We met so many wonderful women founders at this event and really apprecieted the expert panelist and their insight into how developing a realationship with different media channels helps everyone. Emily Parkhurst, editor or the Puget Sound Bussiness Journal, was extremely helpful in her advice! Thanks Emily!

My favorite quote from the panelist? "My inbox is a tire fire! Best way to get in touch with me is to know someone I know." quote from Dina Bass at Bloomberg - Rren

Thank you Leslie! @2point19 Your hardwork and dedication to helping others and connecting people to people is helping change the paradigm! #frontrow #mediamatters #tellyourstory #connectingpeoplewithpeople

Female Founders Alliance - Alexis Williamson & Rren Schafer
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